About Us

Katherine Hodge – Owner and Director

I began my virtual marketing department business, Make Me Grow, three years ago, and I am very proud to say that it is flourishing!
The growth of my business has come through social media, networking and my passion for providing marketing that works to grow businesses.  I am a strong people manager and I drive my team daily to deliver superior results to our growing client base.
During my time working at AMP, I was involved in the sponsorship of the Telstra business awards, and seeing all the entrants inspired me to experience the same dream.
I worked my way up at ANZ and AMP over 16 years and studied at night to gain several qualifications in marketing and business.  In 2008, after the birth of my first child, I decided to take redundancy and branch into entrepreneurship. 
Make Me Grow now services growing service-based clients throughout Sydney, and I often speak at local Chamber of Commerce and business events. 
Full LinkedIn profile: au.linkedin.com/in/katherinehodge1