We helped Elise with<br />
	<strong>her online marketing</strong></p>

We helped Elise with
her online marketing

	Proud to be a <strong>2014 FINALIST!</strong></p>

Proud to be a 2014 FINALIST!

	Your marketing team <strong>that fits!</strong></p>

Your marketing team that fits!

	<strong>Meet</strong> our founder and owner</p>

Meet our founder and owner


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About Make Me Grow

I’m Katherine Hodge, owner of Make Me Grow & my mission is to help businesses look the best they can, with marketing and communications that works! 

Ensuring your business has the right marketing channels and consistently communicating through these channels will ensure your business is visible to your ideal client. We believe every business can look fantastic and every business needs to market. If you are not marketing and your competitor is, you will miss out on potiential clients and even keeping your current clients warm. At Make Me Grow we save you time and take away the worry of doing it all yourself! We do your marketing for you. 

We can advise you or you can join our team and we will do the marketing for you. We are a team of professional marketers with many years of experience. We know what works, what is the most effective and most of all we get it done - professionally and on time. 

So what are you waiting for? Let us do your marketing so you can work on your business. 

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Katherine Hodge 



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